Morning Glory Roof and More from Fox and Finch Antiques




All throughout the summer, things move in and out of the shop at high speed. It is like moving house every week.  Art is my favorite thing, but I’m not crazy about hanging art.  When one piece sells, everything else has to be moved.

Remember my post about my friend, Robert’s, Morning Glory window awning? I think he switched to moon flowers and I haven’t seen how that worked out. However, I can tell you want happened to my cat-run roof of Morning Glories. It turned into a giant chipmunk blind.  The two cats, Emma and Kaiser, can’t go outside until I have the time to cut some of the Morning Glories down. I’ve managed to save the two that Emma caught, one of which lived under the radiator for two days, but that can’t go on. I picked one up that I believe fainted from Emma whacking it on the head and it was so soft. As soon as I got it out of the pen, it high-tailed it away.




I didn’t know that chipmunks love to eat the spent Morning Glory flowers.  So, I won’t plant Morning Glories near the cat-run again. The shade provided is perfect, but I can figure something else out that doesn’t attract chipmunks. Meanwhile, I will need to make sure that Emma and Kaiser didn’t get fleas from my house guest of two days.  I had the front and back doors open for 8 hours a day and that chipmunk would sit on the door threshold and not go out. Finally, I corralled him one night and lead him outside.


The basil remains as a plant and has not miraculously turned into pesto. Darn it.

Side Note: The coffee trick that I’ve read about on line to remove the musty smell from a really cute 1940s suitcase doesn’t work. I put a pound of cheap coffee in the suitcase, put it all in a big bag and left it for six months. I swear it smelled even worse and the next trip the cute suitcase took was to the garbage bin.


A sweet gift from my friend, Catherine. I studied her bouquet and taught myself how to include leaves in garden flower arrangements.


Kaiser spots a chipmunk.

~ Ginene, August, 2016


31 thoughts on “Morning Glory Roof and More from Fox and Finch Antiques

  1. Kaiser and Emma must have thought: Oh boy, look at the happy hunting ground Ginene has given us! I never knew chipmunks liked morning glories but now I do. You’ll probably find some other way to shade your cat run after all. I’m glad you were able to rescue the tiny critters; they really are cute. And I do love your zinnias…..

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    • I like the chipmunks, but like you, not so much in the house. And, I don’t want them killed by Emma! I cut all the Morning Glories down last night so they won’t jump through that jungle into the pen without realizing there is a lion inside!

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  2. What a cool picture of Kaiser! Your shop looks excellent, Ginene, but I can’t even imagine moving furniture by myself! Didn’t know that about morning glories! I planted moonflower vine on my trellis to fill in this year around my mandevilla. It really went wild, but I didn’t get to see the flowers bloom before we left for a great, American road trip. Hopefully, there will still be blooms when I get home.
    A trick I’d always heard on stinky luggage – cat litter left in it for as much as a month. Too bad you had to trash that one.

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    • Gosh, Rita, I coudn’t even use the plastic garbage bag in the garbage can because the bag took on the smell of the suitcase. Yes, too bad because it was in such nice condition and it was a small one.Sometimes, I bet your moon flower has taken over your yard!


  3. I can see that the chipmunks are a constant source of entertainment for the kitties! My dogs freak out over them as they go in and out the bricks of our patio—just not as quick as cats! Ha!

    I had a smelly problem with a refrigerator and freezer we unplugged and kept in the garage over the winter. It was clean but it still smelled come spring. A friend said to add wet coffee grounds and it worked like a charm. Not sure if yours were wet or dry. For what its worth.



    • Oh, that is interesting, Jane. My the coffee was dry and not grounds, at all. Perhaps, that’s where it went wrong. I had also tried Lysol spray and two days in the sun before the coffee experiment. I often put old books, sealed inside plastic bags, if they smell musty and then put them in the freezer for a week. That does work. I think most dogs are annoyed by squirrels and chipmunks, but we don’t hear of them killing them very often. We might look at our best friend, the dog, a little differently if we witnessed them killing. Oh, Spotty, how could you do that?


  4. Seeing you after a long while, Ginene, in the bric-a-brac and period furniture lining your shop floor and wall spaces. The alert expression of kaiser sighting chipmunk appears to partake of your irritation at its nuisance value. Nonetheless, let it be, as the chipmunk’s presence is a prelude to something good being on the way to yours…

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    • Raj, yes, I agree, every life has a right to be lived. Cats were accepted into the human family because they fulfilled a job for humans; but I don’t think that I am the only human who has wondered why such glee is observed in the cat as it roughs up its victim. No doubt, someday, a researcher somewhere will tell us why they do this. Nice to talk to you, Raj.

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    • Apparently, others have made the connection between chipmunks and morning glories because as I tried to find out the nutritional value of the spent Morning Glories, I was amazed to see that thousands of pictures have been painted of chipmunks posed amidst Morning Glories. Who knew?

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  5. What lucky kitties you have to have a cat run. My cat, Graycie, would love to have one. You’re lucky some other creatures didn’t wander into your house when you had the door open hours on end trying to get that little chipmunk to leave!

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  6. Graycie, I was worried about that and closed the doors at dusk. Most of the Little Illinois Brown Bat has been removed from these old buildings downtown, but one did fly in that window on a beautiful summer night this year. I saw Emma staring at something as I was coming down the stairs that night. I looked where she was staring and there was a Little Illinois Brown Bat, hanging upside down on the wall, not two feet from my head. I screamed and locked myself in the kitchen. My neighbor came over and caught it with a butterfly net and then we took it outside and it flew away. I know it is irrational, but I am afraid of bats. I think I have Post Traumatic Stress disorder…when it comes to bats. I once put my hand in the pocket of an old coat hanging on a barn wall and there was a bat in my hand when I pulled it out. I’m not over that yet.


  7. What a fabulous post. Chipmunks are adorable but definitely should stay away from Emma and Kaiser. Since I have a pet-proof screened in catio, I don’t worry so much. But I’m still trying to figure out how to get some plants in with them that will last longer than 10 minutes! ;)

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    • Ha, ha, that is funny, Linda. Why didn’t I think of that? I can put screen around the base! Glad you stopped by, Linda. As far as plants, don’t bother planting catnip in your catio, mine paid absolutely no attention to that. Couldn’t have cared less, but they go crazy over the stuff from the store.


  8. Hey Ginene.. as one dealer to another – it was music to my ears to hear things have been moving (cha-ching), and looking at what I see in your pics I see why.. (that red leather chair – winner!) Love the pic of your flowers and the quote ..


  9. It sounds like your summer has been productive with unexpected surprises! Our cat (who was an outdoor cat) would bring us “gifts,” but they were already expired. I had to be careful when I stepped outside the house. Once though, a friend accidentally let her in the house when she had a still live bird in her mouth. I don’t remember exactly what happened next, but I think I moved faster than I ever had to get the cat and bird back out the door!


  10. Debbie,
    It is really amazing how fast we can move when that happens. I caught Emma with the second chipmunk coming through the window with it in her mouth. I think they play dead because the little dear looked like it was gone for good. But Emma dropped it when I yelled and when I picked it up…it was gone in a flash.


  11. Your posts are always interesting, Ginene 😀 I can imagine the dancing you did in order to save the chipmunk. Just this morning I did a little dance myself, LOL, as I went to empty the pool skimmer. A little mouse was standing inside on his tip toes on the rim, head barely above the water whirlpool-swirling inside the basket into the drain. I made my husband rescue him (ladle and spatula and coat hanger involved, don’t ask 😂). Turns out it was actually a vole – regardless, how could I dispose of such a valiant little creature? Oh, imagine the stories he’ll tell his grandkids.
    BTW, I love that red leather arm chair!
    May you have a prosperous fall, Joanne


  12. Good for you for saving the little vole, Joanne. Yes, the red leather arm chair sold the fourth day I had it. Wish I had a box car full of them. Last summer, I got a little mouse away from Emma and when I came up to it to help it get away, it stood up on its high legs and tried to look big. I thought the same thing you did. How brave! How valiant! I’m nice enough to save the chipmunk and little mouse, but not nice enough to not sell leather. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak, I guess.


  13. Why haven’t I visited you before? I was wondering how you found me then I saw a couple of my old friends have been browsing around here too. This is wonderful Ginene. My eldest would swim to Illinois to obtain that red leather chair!! Morning Glories are considered weeds here, they are so pretty, but take over everything and have mainly reverted back to the colours of white and purple………. They look glorious protecting your kitties from the bright sun!
    I shall enjoy seeing more from you! Pauline

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