Happy August Days ~ Painting and Gardening

I’ve painted and sold a lot of furniture this month.

1930's Dresser with Mirror





 It looks like I forgot to put the handles on this one before I took the photograph. I was lucky to find this piece with all the original Eastlake handles still attached.

Kitchen Scale/Ironstone Milk Paint

This is Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint – a mixture of Kitchen Scale and Ironstone White. The jury is still out on this piece. The handles are fabulous.


 I love this melodeon bench with the needlepoint seat.

The melodeon was an important part of the social life of 19th century people. Whenever I look at this bench, I wonder if it came west in the back of a wagon. The needlepoint cover is probably from the 1920’s. People seemed recover every chair seat, pillow and stool with needlepoint in the 1920’s.

~ Some of My Gardening Work ~







Did I ever tell you that I take care of five of the village gardens within a few steps from my back door? It is one of my favorite things to do. The gardens start out in the spring in purple, then changes to pink and the gardens end the summer in yellow. When I took over this job, the gardens were filled with ornamental grasses and I’ve been slowly turning them back into old-fashioned Midwestern perennial gardens..


I have a backyard that measures 17′ x 17′ and in the summer it fills with Zinnias and dill. I like the smell of dill. I save the Zinnia seeds to replant and the dill comes up on its own. That is my neighbor’s fence in the photograph. I thought the backyard was on fire the first time I saw it through the curtains when painted this color. It is terribly, uh, bright. Now, I think it is cheerful.


eBay Items to Sell or were Sold this Month







 Little Japanese Boxes


 An 1930’s Enamel Child’s Set with the Original Box

These Civil War related things sold on ebay. The letter, penned by a soldier to a young woman he addressed as Miss Neal, told her what surely must have been the most cheerful aspects of the war, that he had attended services on Sunday and had been eating Shad. He made it plain through some very flowery speech that he was missing her and wondering why she hadn’t written. In three pages, he never mentioned one horrific thing he had seen or suffered. Men can be so valiant.


One of my favorite artists is William M. Thompson. I have saved every Thompson print that I’ve ever found for over 40 years. Today, this woman came in the shop and told me that she believes that the pastel above the bench is a William Thompson original. It is unsigned. I almost started crying when she told me that she is William Thompson’s great-niece and recognized his style.

I’ve love this pastel upstairs where I lived with it for about three years but I thought I really should sell it. I don’t think that is going to happen now. I made Mrs. Lang give me her autograph. She was so gracious and I was like a groupie backstage at a rock concert. Wow, William Thompson’s DNA sitting right next to me.

Till next time,


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27 thoughts on “Happy August Days ~ Painting and Gardening

  1. Love your furniture pieces. Beautiful. The swan rocker (I believe) is precious. I would have to make that into a planter. And the needle point reminds me of my Aunt B (r.i.p.) she had needle point hangings everywhere in her home. Nice memories.
    The first picture with the garden in the forefront, with the building and bridge in the back ground is beautiful! I immediately thought of a poem.
    I don’t know much about William Thompson’s work but the paintings are romantic. Lucky you. The photo of the two of you is very nice with your welcoming smile. His work also reminds me of Thomas Kinkade. I collect his Christmas settings.
    A nice read. Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Linda,
      I hope you got of of Aunt B’s needlepoint work.
      I recently learned that Thomas Kinkade passed away some time ago. He was so young, it is a terrible loss to his fans. Kinkade, Chandler, Glatthaar and Thompson, among others, were all great painters of light. I think people are always drawn to artists who have mastered the portrayal of light. William Thompson’s great-niece said that Thompson lived to be 97 years old.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ll take ALL of the furniture, please! :-) Man, I wish!!! I would love to bring each and every one of those pieces home with me!!! I especially love the blue chest of drawers with the Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint on it! SO pretty!

    No, I did not know you are the caretaker of five community gardens!!! Wow!!! I’m glad you’ve brought them back to glory with flowers rather than prairie grasses. Prairie grass has its place in this world, but nice open spaces like what you showed here ain’t it!!! :-)


    • It is always so nice to hear from you, Alycia. I loved hearing that you like the furniture. I just love to paint and I look forward to it. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it’s fun. Especially, painting rooms. This old bank building essentially only has three rooms and they are all white. It has really thwarted my painting ambitions.
      Talk to you soon.


  3. Ginene,
    Thank you for sharing your treasures. I’m smitten with the first dresser. It’d look great in my bedroom. ;) And, that window; one word: Beautiful! I’d love to wander through your store. How do you manage all of those gardens, your antique store, buying trips AND maintain your grand building? I’m so impressed! I was excited to see you have an ebay store. I’ll definitely check it often.

    Art is a part of my life. Can’t imagine a world without it. At times my interest takes a turn (work, life in general, stress). But, it is always lurking in the recesses of my mind. Beverly Sills said it: “Art is the signature of civilizations.” I couldn’t agree more! How exciting that you’ve met a family member of your favorite artist. It’s always a pleasure to read your posts. – Joanne


    • Joanne, I always have art in my mind, also. As far as how I get it all done, I have to say, you are right, I could use two or three more days in a week. I used to be an over-the-top housekeeper, but I’m not like that anymore. I love seeing your comments, Joanne.


    • Susan! Susan! Susan!
      How lovely to hear from you. I’ve been using Benjamin Moore because I have found that so many other brands seem to be lowering their quality. I have used milk paint on and off and I think it is interesting but I don’t have the time to do things over if the paint chips off completely. Besides, I think it is roughly 24 dollars for a quart which is just under 100.00 a gallon. You know how much work goes into these pieces and I sure don’t want to do them twice. But, I know someone on blogland who turns out fabulous pieces with the milk paint.
      Your shop Abundance in Hebron rocks!


    • I guess we never talked about the gardens, did we? By the end of October, I’m glad the season is over. But, in the spring, I can’t wait to begin. Have you been enjoying your lovely deck?


  4. I see why you sold so many pieces…The first dresser had me gag!! You did a fantastic job painting that piece.. All them were absolutely wonderful… you are extremely talented. The colors you chose for each piece is perfect and brings out it’s beauty without being too flashy. I simply adore the fabric on the ladder back chairs. You’re not only a talented painter but I see you have an exceptional green thumb.. kudos to you!!! The purple flowers are gorgeous..(do you know their name?)


    • Hi Kim, Those are Liatris and they would grow in your area. They are a native plant. There are 37 varieties and I don’t know which one this. I had this plant in Wisconsin and it was not as pretty as this variety. On this type, every flower on a spike blooms at the same time and the flowers last for a month. On the plant I had in Wisconsin, the spikes were taller and the flowers on each spike started blooming at the bottom and when those died, the next set of flowers bloomed, and on and on. They spread very slowly so it is non-invasive.


  5. Hi Ginene,

    I so enjoyed all the wonderful elements of this most entertaining post! Your green thumb in the garden and your crafty handiwork on your painted pieces are so very pretty. I am growing zinnias for the first time this season, but they do not compare to your cute collection. I LOVE that bright and bold fence; it’s fabulous!

    Have a lovely week!


    Liked by 1 person

  6. I really wish I had your magic hands. Waaaah. Really like that second blue dresser. We have milk paint, too. Just don’t get around to getting out the supplies to let my son paint. I should have him do that this week, actually. =) It’s a gift to be able to beautify things as you do, G.


  7. You HAVE been busy painting! Your pieces look wonderful. And yes, those little paintings are romantic. I would have them in my home, too. Totally my style.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my dining room. You asked what color I used on the walls and it is Sherwin Williams’ Latte. It is a warm color, which is a perfect backdrop for antique art.


  8. You are a connoisseur of art and beauty Ginene ,
    either stemming from being beautiful yourself
    or arising from beauty of your work reflecting its
    magic on you…The pieces of furniture and other
    bric-a-brac appear like exotic objects d’art , enriched
    by your deft touches . Kudos….admiringly….Raj .


    • Raj, your comment was the nicest compliment I think I have ever received. Thank you for your support and your new friendship! I look forward to learning about your world. Now that is an exotic life.


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