A Rockin’ Bouncing Love Story

by Kathy Eber

When I was a new mom I found this neat little rocker-bouncer thing at a neighbor’s yard sale.  I loved how quaint and old school it was. So for a couple of bucks, I claimed it for my own carpet crawlers. With a little sanding and varnish, it looked good enough to keep around even after the kids outgrew it.

teetertot on River Road

A decade later a friend asked me to donate it to raise money for the food co-op.  I couldn’t refuse.  The rocker was snatched up quickly by a bidder in the front row which made the food co-op very happy. That was that.

Five years later I decided to pursue a career in another state. That meant selling my 1909 home with a butler’s pantry, porch swing, and 2-way stair access. I really loved that place. But the young couple who bought it loved it too. And because they were friends of friends, I designated a room for them to drop things off before we closed the deal.

The last few weeks there were kind of sad.  Every night after work I’d walk through the house reliving memories and making sure I had emptied all the closets. Then one night I was shaken to the core by what I found. There in the midst of the growing pile of the buyers’ belongings was the old rocker-bouncer I had restored fifteen years earlier. It had come home with a new family to start another story. Don’t you just love happy endings?


PS: I recently learned that the little rocker bouncer, called the ShooFly Teeter Totter was made by the Delphos Bending Company in the mid-50s.   A barrel hoop maker, Delphos began manufacturing children’s furniture in 1934. By 1951 it was the world’s largest manufacturer of kids’ furniture.