One of life’s mysteries…why do the owners of the first picture, the carefree-lifestyle home, have the meticulously manicured home across the street, the second picture, for their view and vice-versa?

Walking around a small town while I was waiting for the brakes to be replaced is entertaining. Each house tells a story. All of the houses call out “I’m loved.” or “I’m someone’s home.”

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This last picture is my tiny, tiny backyard on the alley in Richmond.  End of summer, and I am sorry to see it go by so quickly.  I’m making a Halloween cat for the shop front door tonight which is fitting since it is thundering and lightening here. It is supposed to clear tomorrow just long enough for me to go get apples from Hap’s Orchard.

I have so many interesting pieces in the shop now.  Walnut, beadboard and oak kitchen cupboards from the turn of the century, a pie safe with pierced tin from Ohio, a tin-faced pine preserve cabinet and all sort of cozy home pieces.

Happy Autumn!



13 thoughts on “Neighbors

  1. Ginene, first off, you are stunning! My goodness, you present strength and beauty as one!
    {sigh} the first quandary I surely can’t explain, but lovely neighborhood shots thereafter…I love how the one owner turned the tree stump into a clever gnome neighborhood. And I love the sheer randomness of how sunflowers will flourish!
    Your inventory sounds wonderful. We have consciously quit selling furniture….for various reasons.
    Always good to hear from you. Happy Fall.

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  2. Hi Ginene, what great pictures of the unique little town of Richmond. My sister and I enjoyed the time spent with you when we visited your lovely shop a couple of years ago.
    I really enjoy your posts about Fox and Finch!!

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    • Hi Carol, so nice to hear from you again! But, that isn’t Richmond, but close by Richmond. I’d like to have a house in that town. I love the self-expression there. I saw one house that had a sign near-the door that read: “Go Away.”


  3. Oh Ginene with the exception of the first image this looks like such a charming neighborhood. I adore the Victorian gabled home.
    The picture of you in your header is just gorgeous!
    I hope you are enjoying a lovely October.
    Happy Tuesday,

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  4. Ha, I just saw you had visited me and then spied this post in my inbox. Great timing!
    Such a gorgeous pic of you at the top! I should so love to visit your shop! Some of the houses are so quirky and the gardens and trees are beautiful. I’ve never quite understood the American thing for flag hanging, but apart from that it is a most delightful looking town! And your little garden looks about the same size as mine – which is still waiting it’s post winter clean up and you have just inspired me :-)

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  5. You are very photogenic, Ginene! Two images struck my fancy. That winding walkway under the trellis….where is it leading the walker? A mystery! …And I agree with you, I’d very gladly take that Victorian home with the large back field. It i still warm here, but before you know it the cold will seep in. Happy Fall!

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