The Outdoor Movie Experience in December


Walking past the Olive Black Martini Bar in Richmond, IL. I love a good saxophone player.


Richmond, IL, Outside Movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” shown on 12/2/2017.


Richmond, IL, Outside Movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” on 12/2/2017.

Finery & Finishes Boutique and The Richmond Brathaus treated everyone to a unique experience last night. Throngs of people came out on an especially warm December night to watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” outside. People brought lawn chairs, blankets, sleeping bags, Thermoses and an optimistic attitude. It was really fun!

9 thoughts on “The Outdoor Movie Experience in December

  1. How festive! And I love a good sax player too. Smooth jazz is my cup of tea. David Sanborn, Chris Botti, Dave Koz….just a few.
    Last night the cemetery where my mother is buried had its annual candlelighting. – real votive candles lit in luminary bags (by volunteers) on each and every grave. With the super moon and rolling hillside terrain, it was breathtaking….my first time, and she’s been gone 10 yrs.

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  2. What a wonderful idea–and the weather cooperated. Small town living can be so special–quality family and community fun. And it did not involve a smart phone or a streaming stick. Wish i lived an hour closer.


  3. Hey ginene!It’s great to hear from you. This sounds like an enchanting night.. the jazz the movie and the warmth of the people ahhhhhhh…. to me, that’s a great experience. Ive wanting our town to host an outdoor movie night for the longest and can’t seem to get them onboard. This reminds me of when we went to the drive in theater and the cozziness it brings.

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  4. Oh! This sounds like so much fun! My nephew’s street/court get together once and awhile to pop popcorn and to take turns watching movies against their garage doors. What a great neighbor meeting/building experience.

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  5. Your post sounded like a great way to kick off the Christmas festivities in early December! It’s a Wonderful Life is truly a classic Christmas movie. I have two daughter-in-laws who have not seen this movie! Merry Christmas!

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