October 2017



October, damp and cold this year, made lighting the boiler last week a heralded and longed-for occasion. I began mixing rye bread dough this morning at 4:30 just for the joy of baking it.  One grey day I stopped on a narrow country road to listen to the wind rattle the corn husks and then noticed a little black cat watching me. The shop is filled with all sorts of lovely old painted furniture, all chippy and time-worn. That is my favorite furniture of all types and I imagine where I would use it in a future home if I were tp keep it. I sand them to remove specks of paint that could come off and seal the exterior with flat acrylic. After washing the insides of drawers, I seal pretty wood with varnish or, sometimes, I paper them with 1940s wallpaper if the interior wood is nothing remarkable.  I enameled the exterior of the dresser shown above with Rustoleum’s stock color Marine Blue. With polished brass antique hardware, it makes me think of a sailor’s dress overcoat with brass buttons.

Stay cozy,



18 thoughts on “October 2017

  1. Hello Ginene, just yesterday you entered my thoughts and I wondered how you were. Now I need wonder no more :-) Those beautifully time worn pieces in your shop are just delicious! It is just as well I do not live in your delightful sounding town or I would be really penniless! Enjoy your autumnal season, it certainly looks very pretty.

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    • I’ve thought of you, too, Pauline. I spent some time catching up with you on your site this afternoon. I love sun dazzlers, too, and have them in my kitchen windows. Everything interesting about our environment is about light and you have recognized that.


    • Alycia! It has been forever since I’ve seen your beautiful smile! Oh, my gosh, have I been busy. I often think of the sign that was at my Grandmother’s house, I think. It said, “The fast I go, the behinder I get.” I am so behinder.


  2. Midwest living reflected perfectly in your photos and words, Ginene.

    We will be staying put in Chicago for a few months and we love to explore-perhaps we will head up to your shop. About time we ‘met’.

    Jane x

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  3. Hi, Ginene!!!! So happy to see this post in my feed!!! Been wondering what things have been like in your part of the world!!! Love all your pictures, especially the furniture. I especially adore the elegance of the navy dresser with the chippy, rusted tin ceiling tiles!!!! I love that juxtaposition soooo much. And so nice to see you enjoying this beautiful season!!!!

    Michele @ Lilacs & Rust) (formerly known as The Vintage Vixen)

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    • Hello, my friend,
      It is very cool, windy and damp here today. I just drove to Beloit, Wisconsin and back to pick up a piece of furniture and leaves are blowing in whirlwinds. I have to go back out. On the upside, the scenery was gorgeous. The trees here are at their height of color now. I can hear the exterior shop signs rattling on their chains all up and down the street from where I sit. I best get it over with so I can come home and work this afternoon in the kitchen which is the warmest room in the building. Talk soon.


  4. Hi Ginene! As usual, I love looking at your village photos. It all looks so toasty and autumn-mie. ;) Love the black cat by a cornstalk image. I think we’re seeing the last of summer in my neck of the woods, too. *sigh* (I detest the cold – unless it snows! :D ) I’d love to visit your shop. I think my favorite piece is the white cabinet (a pie safe?). Enjoy this lovely season! ~Joanne

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  5. Hi Joanne!
    I think that piece was built for storage but it not for baked goods because pie safes had ventilation holes, pierced tin or screen inserts, to keep flies and mice away from food. This was more than likely used for dishes or for storing canned goods. In an Amish home in Ohio, I was once in a kitchen where women were canning in the late summer. There were no screens on the windows. The women were preparing food for canning and the flies in the room were numerous. It gave me some insight into what a problem flies were during earlier times.
    I have to go outside and do some work today and the shiver factor is really high today, so I am in total agreement with you! Thanks for stopping by, Joanne. I always love hearing from you.


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