The Secret to Using USPS Regional Boxes


There are a couple of things that you need to understand to to use Regional Boxes through via Click-N-Ship.

  1. Ignore the term Regional. That was just a trick. Regional does not mean zone. It doesn’t mean anything to us.
  2. The cost is determined by the distance between your zip code and the destination zip code. That has to do with zone. You’ll be led to that area by Click-N-Ship.

Now here is the secret information that apparently they don’t want anyone to know. I don’t know who they are. They are not the post office employees. The post office employees would like to know, also.

You have to select that you want to use Regional Box A or B under the PREFERENCES tab or the boxes will not show up as an option. And, you have to change it if you want to use a different box.

These boxes ship Priority and the shipping rate is substantially less than the regular Priority Boxes that are not marked Regional Rate Box B, etc. (Order the Regional Boxes on the USPS website. There is no cost.)

I used Box B today and the cost was 10.66. If my items would have fitted into Box A, the cost would have been 8.15. To ship regular Priority (using their box or your box) would have cost 23.90. If you sell on eBay and ship 10 boxes a day that is a 133.00 savings (13.30 each) for your customers.

17 thoughts on “The Secret to Using USPS Regional Boxes

  1. It’s always seemed that regional was specific to certain regions, exclusive of either mine at the departure area or where I was shipping to. Either way, I always felt like my package would get returned to me if I used it, so I’ve avoided it! Thanks for the nudge.

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  2. Ginene, Thanks for this! I went one step further and printed out a “regional zone” map for reference and so that I can get a better handle on this. Yep. It is confusing.

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  3. My son was selling stuff on E-bay for awhile and tried using the regional boxes to save money. However, when I would drop them off at the post office, they would make me pay extra because we didn’t use the right one. (I never did figure out what we did wrong!)


  4. Here is a new twitch to the Click N Ship situation. I mailed a box to Russia last week and used an International Priority Mail Box. It is a tiny little box. It was around 35.00 to ship to Russia. On Click-N-Ship it said purchase insurance at the P.O. window. I go up to the window and after bending over backwards to help me figure out why the computer wouldn’t let me buy insurance, they finally figured out that tracking and insurance is available to Russia. But, not in a USPS box.


  5. The savings is amazing! I actually limit what I sell to what fits in those boxes or an envelope. So easy–and they even pick it up at your house if you schedule it. No schlepping and standing in line.


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