December at Fox and Finch Antiques


I put the exterior Christmas decorations together this year with garage sale ornaments, wreaths and garland. Plus, a lot of hot glue sticks and burnt fingers.


Every year, I make a wreath with vintage ornaments found over the summer. I was really lucky this year and found a large vintage flocked wreath to use.


My sister, Cindy, gave me two of these large snowmen. She is very creative and decorates the post office window in the tiny town where she works as post mistress. Sometimes she give me things she has used in the past.


I used found vintage planters again this year to make Christmas decorations  for people’s desks at work.


A rare 1855 school-house map.

Do you see the chair on the right side of the dresser? It was ignored all summer, until I had it recovered. I had a set of three Eastlake chairs upholstered in the same linen fabric but in red rather than blue. People say there is no market for Victorian chairs, but the set (one large and two small chairs) sold as soon as I put them in the shop. I quickly took a photograph of one of them as the people were carrying them out.


What I really, really, really want for Christmas….


Merry Christmas One and All!


29 thoughts on “December at Fox and Finch Antiques

  1. What a beautiful vignette of that wooden credenza/bookcase/sideboard thingy with the old school map, lighted hurricane, clock and still life! I love vintage and antique best, Ginene, as you already know. Your homespun touches are wonderful. The Eastlake chair looks terrific. Sometimes I think it best to ignore what the ‘sayers’ say – whoever they are. Merry Christmas!

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  2. I would love to be walking down the street in your town and come upon your shop…it looks so inviting and you have a wonderful way of creating vignettes around your larger pieces. I love the snowman…your sister is as creative as you I see! I love the map and the pretty chair–I can see why those sold. I laugh sometimes about the old Victorian wallpaper that took forever to remove from our den but I sort of miss it. It was aging and ageless at once.

    Merry Christmas to you, Ginene…we are indeed kindred spirits and someday I’ll get down to meet you in person! :)

    Jane xxx

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  3. Ginene, I love how you can take a theme (like wreaths) and be so creative from whimsical to vintage to festive! Don’t you find that the “little touches” can make all the difference! I can see you using a wreath for a collar on your pink poodle! :)

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  4. HI Ginene :)

    That is one bright pink poodle!

    The chairs are beautiful and that wreath is fantastic. The whole shop looks great :)

    Oh and I love the movie, Mrs. Mininver. I think I’ll take your cue and watch it again myself .

    I hope you have a very merry Christmas.


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  5. Thanks for all these exquisite formations, Ginene. Nice to note mention of your sister in context of artistry running in your family. Here is extending my warmest thoughts to you and all good wishes for a merry Christmas and another creatively fulfilling year ahead. May your environment become all the more captivating through your deft touches…

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  6. Merry Christmas, Ginene! Best of luck for 2016. Love the over the door placement of the wreaths on your shops entrance. I’d have put them on the door: boring. As usual the interior looks just as inviting. Joanne from the tropical Virginia coast 😎 (it shouldn’t be 80 at Christmas).

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  7. I had to laugh because my daughter really would love a pink poodle. I am also VERY jealous because I can’t believe you found all of those wonderful ornaments for your amazing wreath over the course of one summer. #luckyduck
    Have a wonderful weekend!

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