Tarnished Royalty’s Post on The Language of Love

The summer passes so quickly and my days are filled with work related to running the shop; I do try to keep up with my Internet friends posts and this one from Ann at Tarnished Royalty is worth sharing.

~ Ginene from Fox and Finch

The Language of Love

I don’t often talk about my husband here on the blog. I tend toward privacy regarding the relationships in my life in order to remain professional but occasionally I think it’s a good idea to let my readers in on some of my personal life.

We all speak our love in different ways. My husband is very good about telling me he loves me verbally. But it’s the quiet little things he does that speak the loudest to me. Recently when I was working on my Maple Seed Butterfly project, I was trying to finish up in time for the Double Dip Flip deadline. I had thought I saved up more than enough maple seeds (a.k.a. helicopters) to complete the project. On the day I should have been photographing it I was scrambling to try to find some more seeds. Some of my stash had torn spots and others weren’t dried out enough and were still too green. I didn’t have enough good ones to finish. I went into resourceful mode and scoured the yard to no avail. We even checked the gutters on the house but found none. I decided I would try to make do and resigned myself to using some of the funkier shaped seeds that I had previously rejected. I continued to work, sorting through the seeds to find any that would pass. I began gluing the first few layers, hoping that I would have enough.

A couple of hours into the process my husband came home from mowing grass at our son’s house. With a grin on his face (that handsome devil!) he presented me with this:

Beaming with pride, he told me how he found the pile of maple seeds under the car port at our son’s house. Can you stand it?! He rescued me. In his quiet, sweet way he provided for me. He hunted and made the kill. He used his hat to bring home the spoil.

I was able to use several good seeds from the pile he brought me and honestly the piece would not have turned out as nicely with some of the seeds I was going to settle for. His gesture was a project saver but more than that it was an act of love that I will always treasure.

16 thoughts on “Tarnished Royalty’s Post on The Language of Love

    • Ann, I did take a break today for an hour! I went to the farm stand and bought fresh beet tops, spinach and sugar peas. I asked if I could go into the barn (The farm wife always lets me.) and I played with some of the 20 + kittens, pet the goats and scratched the five cows on their necks. I seemed to have made a particular friend of Jasmine the cow as she began to lick my arm. Having never had the experience before, I let her do it until she began to mouth my sleeve. Pretty soon she had half my sleeve in her mouth and the farmer lady had to come over to get my sleeve out of her mouth. It was like getting a piece of your clothing stuck in the vacuum cleaner. The farmer lady is so cool, she uses essential oils on the cows to keep the flies at bay.

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  1. I love this story so much!!! Such a great reminder how easy it can be to show someone we love them, and how that gesture resonates forever!!! Thanks so much for sharing, Ginene!!!

    I also loved your message about going to the farm and making friends with the cow. It must be wonderful to live in a place where you can shop at an actual farm & play with the animals!!! Good for you!!! Thanks for sharing this post and I am glad to see you back. I was missing your blog!!! :)

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  2. This read brought a huge smile to my face. The sweet and gentle love of a partner that keeps it in—i have one of those gems.

    Loved the comments and I have a few people I’d like to visit! :)))

    Jane x

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  3. Thanks, Ginene, for sharing this lovely story, proving yet again your artistry, not only with knickknacks but also with picking beautiful life events that will surely enrich anyone’s world. I was, in fact, missing you from the blogging space, and you just came in in the nick of time…warm regards and best wishes… Raj.

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  4. Awwwwww.. Ginene thank you for sharing this. It reinforces how the little things make a big difference. It’s drops in the bucket that can fill the heart ..and it’s moments like that the keeps the connection between a couple everlasting .. Ann I’m glad Ginene shared your story with us..many blessings to you and your life saver..love and happiness..


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