Quick Autumn Decorating with Vintage Rakes

Here are just a few examples of the many vintage metal rakes I decorated this week to sell in the shop. I ask 12.00-15.00 for them and when a customer decides to change to something new they get a strong, good old-fashioned metal rake.





Everything is wired on so the removal is quick. Sometimes, I attach a vintage handkerchief with a fall feeling.



Since I was on a roll, I continued on with all the old shovels….we’ll see if anyone buys one!


Then I made fall arrangements. All my silk flowers are from thrift stores, garage sales and auctions. I have to go through a lot of old baskets of flowers before I find any that are a nice quality and clean.

Look at this funny idea I came up with last week to display inexpensive estate earrings and brooches on old playing cards. I always clean anything I find in box lots at auctions and polish them. If I think they are interesting, I keep them and the others are thrown out.  It is fun for people to go through them and find something for 8.00. It would have been cute to outline a heart or a crown with glue and then sprinkle glitter.


Enjoy these last beautiful Autumn days, my friends…my summer seemed to lasted about 15 minutes. I promised myself I was going to take more time off. I didn’t. I am thinking about going to the Wisconsin State Fair next Friday.  Think I’ll actually go?  I like walking through the show areas with the crafts and preserves and the best pie sporting a big blue ribbon. I told a friend who asked me to go out on her boat on Labor Day that “I am like a farmer who can’t leave the farm.” Well, even farmers go to the state fair.

21 thoughts on “Quick Autumn Decorating with Vintage Rakes

  1. Ginene,
    When I saw the title of your post in my email it intrigued me. What did Ginene do now? :) The rake/wreaths are so autumn-ie and colorful. I’d cut the handle off and put it upon my front entry. (Then I’d feel guilty for destroying a vintage rake). What a clever idea using playing cards to display jewelry. I’m sure it’s an eye catcher in your shop. My father was a Wisconsin transplant. He would describe family trips to the fair to us when we were young. It seemed so magical. I say GO! Have fun!


  2. Ginene those are verrrrrry nice. i love the shovel..I’m one of who is still in denial that fall is here and just can’t get in the groove to do something fall. Your designs were simple enough to create but had the right about of fall-ness to say “I’m here”


    • Kim, Thank you! I haven’t seen a post from you lately. Have you been as busy as I am? The leaves haven’t changed here yet so thank goodness for that. Have you seen the Walmart advertisement on TV trying to get people to start shopping (and laying away) for Christmas? Oh, boy…..


  3. Ok….Love the rake idea…clever! 2 for 1! If my father were still with us I’d do this for him. For some reason he had more rakes and brooms than the average person. :-) Since I sew and a quilter…That quilt is beautiful! And it appears to be hanging? I hang most all my quilts, because you get the full beauty of the workmanship. And the flower arrangement is perfect against it. Gifts for the Girls… nite out in Vegas…great way to present them. Love your post.


  4. I sure hope you decide to follow through with the state fair idea, Ginene. It sounds like a lot of fun! We used to go back in the day, and even though I hated the smell of farm animals and their bodily waste, I still always had a great time. It’s just neat to do “homespun” stuff like that every once in a while. The closest state fair to us is a little more than an hour away. We didn’t get there this year despite hopes to do so. I’ve been down with my bad back. In a brace. Not much walking going on. It sucks.

    I LOVE the rakes! What a super cute idea!!! It’s no fun to have to ACTUALLY rake, but I wouldn’t mind at all having a beautifully decorated one on my porch or hanging on the front door! I’ll bet they sell like hotcakes! The shovels too!!!

    I hope you had a grand weekend! Take care!


  5. Hi Ginene,

    Your displays of rakes and shovels are fun and styled with such fall flair! I hope you did well with those, as well as the interesting arrangement of little gems.

    Did you make it to the fair? I so miss such North American events, especially at this time of year, when apple pie, crafts, and other seasonal goodies are featured at these marvellous places.

    Happy weekend!

    P.S.: Thanks for your lovely comment on Poppy View; made me smile!:))


    • Hi Poppy, Well, it turned out that the advertisement I saw for the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds was for the Beef Expo, the State Fair was in August. Going to the Beef Expo would not be my cup of tea…I’d end up with a steer living in the back yard!


  6. That is so very clever! I remember those old rakes but I mostly remember jumping in the piles of leaves after my Dad raked them! Obviously, that was in the 50s (and in Ohio where we had seasons) when kids could still play! :P I do miss the seasons here in central Florida but I sure don’t miss the cold! Would love to visit your shop one day! :D

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