Truck with a Full Tank of Gas

This post has nothing to do with fixing anything vintage or antique.

I’ve been thinking about nothing but those things for the last 12 years. I love the stuff and everything about it. From old kitchen utensils to hand-wrought wheelbarrow wheels, from feedsack aprons to chintz bedspreads, from tiny boxes to beds, my days and nights are filled with finding, cleaning, restoring and selling all the things that I think make a home cozy and charming.

Then, last weekend, I locked the door on the building and went out to see what was happening in the world. I’ve never done this before on a weekend. I usually have my nose to the grindstone. I had to get out of here.


Saturday, I went to the Urban Farmgirl Main Street Market in Rockford. It was a nice setting, a beautiful day and there were lots of wonderful, creative people. Plus, apple pie on a stick. On Sunday, I went to Highwood, Illinois to meet some more people. That was fun, too! Danielle Colby was there. She is on the TV show American Pickers. She has a vintage shop in Wicker Park in Chicago. I loved the cool hipster Chicago sellers I met here.  I “get” them.


Before I close, I want to share some pictures that I received in my email box today. (I sound like Fannie Flagg’s Neighbor Dorothy.) Well, I like Neighbor Dorothy.

My friend, Kathy, bought this work bench from my shop and turned it into a potting bench. See the blue pitcher with the petunias growing out of it?  It looks like it is pouring petunias.



And, Cindy, my sister, counted 32 birds nest in her yard this afternoon, just in the pine trees. There is something so hopeful about eggs in a nest. I always feel like I should lower my voice and tiptoe passed. I think you can super-size the middle one if you want to see the babies up close.

I hope you, my friends, can get out and enjoy a little freedom, too.

I’ll be back on the job soon. As soon as spring fever lets go of me.


9 thoughts on “Truck with a Full Tank of Gas

  1. Bravo Ginene for you. Sometimes we all have to say “what the heck” put on our bootstraps and hit the road. It’s not good to stay completely stuck in our world because we tend to miss what’s going on in the world around us. I’m happy that you enjoyed your small journey and shared the story with us


  2. It’s great that you were able to get out into the wild, wild world and sneak a taste of the world beyond your shop. I completely understand it. For all the years that I owned & operated my fine rentals shop, I was so locked into the day to day of the shop that I couldn’t see anything beyond that. It totally amazed me what all I’d been missing!

    The flower-filled boots are beautiful! I wish I had the green thumb to make something like that come alive outside my door!

    I guess I have to ask…Is making certain people burst into flames really such a bad thing? :-)


  3. What a FUN weekend!!! My gosh, you certainly deserved a weekend off. I’ll tell you, if I lived out in your neck of the woods I would haunt your shop! Thank you so much for leaving the awesome comment on my blog about my Nana and her Pete Parakeets. And we Catholic schoolgirls from back when the nuns taught, I swear we should form a group and have annual get-togethers all around the country. How fun would that be? Regarding the comment above mine, yes, I remember very well to watch what we ‘think’ – oh, those impure thoughts! Anyhow, glad you enjoyed your getaway weekend!


  4. I went to Luckett’s a few weekends ago. Fun times. It’s wondrful to just walk away and take a look around sometimes. Rejuvenating. I found you through comments on Alice’s blog vis Miz Helen’s and liked your tip about paint removal. I have lots of hinges in my own old house that need paint removal. I feel hopeful now. Little things do that for me. Summer project. Have a wonderful weekend.


    • Hi Linda, You have an incredible house. That is really fantastic. Just remember if you get overwhelmed with a 200+ year old home, that it lasted 200+ years and it doesn’t all need to be fixed in a year. That is my dream house. Maybe not so big, but my dream house.
      Please let me know if you use the paint removal tip for all your hinges, window hardware, etc. I can’t wait to hear about your experience. It is just so wonderful. Wait till the paint pops off, you shouldn’t have to do any work except for a toothbrush to get in the tiniest corners. If over painted hinges, etc. is a pet peeve of yours like it is too me, you’ll love this. I couldn’t stop looking for over painted hardware; it was addictive.


  5. After all of these years, I would say it is a well deserved break! It looks like you had lots of fun…I’m sure the break in combination with the venue has given you lots of new inspiration! Can’t wait to see what you are up to.


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