The Photography of Janice Fischer


I’ve meant to share a couple of these photographs with you for a long while. The horse is a Friesian; named Felkert K, and photographed here for a 2014 calendar entitled An Enchanted Carousel. Each month is illustrated with a living carousel horse from the imagination of Janice Fischer, a photographer in Grayslake, Illinois. Janice stops by my shop, periodically, and astonishes me with something she has done or is working on. I am not sure whether any calendars are still available for sale, but how can one not share the superb talent and appealing vision that is created in the mind of Janice Fischer. She doesn’t know I’m posting these and I hope she doesn’t mind because my scans do not measure up to the original color. Still, they are stunning…and there is nothing trick here, she actually got these horses to do this!


The horse is a Lusitano named Justo.

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