A Green Grass Springtime Thank You



It will be a long time till the grass is green in Northern Illinois, but I found two Yankee Green Grass candles in my candle cache. I’ll keep one for the shop and give the other to one of my favorite people – one of the people who follow my blog! I’ll announce the winner Saturday evening ~ March 15th.

Just leave a comment if you would like to have a Green Grass Yankee Candle and I’ll have the first child that comes into the shop on Saturday pick a name out of a hat. Come Monday it will be in the mail on the way to your house.

The scent is soft, not over-powering, and it really does smell like fresh-cut grass.

Thank you to all my new friends and to my long-time friends for the fun I’ve had beginning my blog.

7 thoughts on “A Green Grass Springtime Thank You

  1. We were teased yesterday and today with spring-like weather. Tomorrow back to the cold. It would be lovely to smell spring fresh grass. What a wonderful give-away idea.


  2. I am just happy to be seeing BROWN in some areas instead of white. Green is just a fantasy! But we will hold onto that!! And daffodil yellow?? Yes yes we will have that too- thanks for a blog that gives hope.

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