Taking a Little Vacation Back to the Summer of 1965

The paint samples I ordered arrived today VIA UPS. They were frozen solid! The UPS man said the electronics in the trucks are all going hay-wire. Engine, oil and all other kinds of lights are flashing on and off or burning steadily. The Big Boss back at the shop advised the fleet drivers to ignore the lights and just keep driving which caused more problems with some trucks. Ask your UPS driver if he wants to warm up if you know him/her; it’s rough out there!

Let’s leave the Winter of 2014 for a moment and visit the Summer of 1965.


I was 13 that summer. Last night, I found a stack of vintage Simplicity and McCall sewing pattern booklets at the bottom of a box of old sewing patterns.I remember all of these styles and how much I wanted them.


Words like smock, shift, and pettipants were everywhere that summer.

Fashion News 6

We thought pettipants were incredibly modern.

Fashion News4

Cotton triangular-shaped head scarves and headbands were the latest accessory. It was fun being a girl that summer and to be moving into a new phase of life where I fully expected to find all my dreams mysteriously fulfilled. Most of the time my mind was filled with lace-legged pettipants, pink gingham, and the annoying fact that even though I slept in bristly hair curlers all night, my hair just would not flip at the ends.

Hope you are all enjoying thick soup and bread warmed in the oven today!

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