Christmas in Black and White

1950 christmas            1950 christmas black and white I dream in color, but many of my memories of the 1950’s are in black and white. Some of what I think of as memories are probably remembering the black and white photographs we all had and looked at when we were kids.

You can click on these photographs to make them larger. The angelic smile on the little girl shows her delight in her new chair and doll. The boy in another photo received a huge peppermint stick. That must have lasted for a very long time.

Looking at these Christmas trees reminds us that full, lush trees weren’t in every home. One could see the ornaments better on thinner trees, anyway. It was all about Shiny Brites and lead tinsel.

It was always fun to see relatives who we didn’t see everyday. Especially, the really interesting ones.

We went to church at 10 or 11:00 am  and then, at Grandma’s house, we sat down for dinner at noon. We ate Christmas dinner leftovers again in the early evening. No one left; we stayed all day. So much work went into making these big dinners, Grandma wouldn’t have liked it if we ate and ran. No one wanted to leave or ever thought about leaving until after the second supper.

The car was so cold and we were so tired at the end of the day. But the drive was short and we had to get back to our Christmas presents…no matter what they were.

Thank you for following my new blog and I wish you all:

christmas end



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